T he computer has started to misbehave, programs are running slower. Windows* crashes and you're getting error messages.
We can work with your software and hardware to resolve this for you and speed up your computer.

Y ou suspect a virus or worm is present.
W e kill infections, even when an anti-virus program cannot do this and bring systems back to life. In most cases we can also recover all important documents.

Y ou can no longer connect to the Internet or receive your e-mails. Perhaps you've not yet started and would like fast broadband one or more PC's or a free dialup connection.
W e restore broken Internet and e-mail and create new accounts.

A hardware upgrade such as a larger hard drive, more memory or a CD Writer fitted, for example, is called for. Or a new program is wanted.
W e supply, install and then demonstrate new hardware and software.

Y ou need people you can call out to work with your computer on your premises. Or to collect it from you for repair at the workshop and return it back to you.
O ur service is mobile, fast and flexible.

O ne-to-one tuition at your own home is available on request. As is consultancy in your office.
W e will work with you at your speed, on your premises, at your computer, meeting your precise needs.

A fast new computer can be purpose-built to your agreed specification. Or perhaps a great value pre-owned system fits the bill.
W e supply to suit. Every computer is installed and demonstrated.

Y ou would like access to local independent experts to give you free phone advice.
W e will be pleased to discuss your computer. This FREE service is available in our North East Hampshire, South West Surrey and South East Berkshire coverage area.
This may involve calling you back and is time-limited.

Whatever your PC problem or requirement
Call PC SORTED - we sort out computers.
*Windows is Copyright Microsoft Corporation