Document & Picture Security and Data Recovery

Your data is likely to be valuable to you.

Letters, spreadsheets, e-mails, address books, financial records and pictures & photos are typical of the kind of data many people store on their computers.

This data is at risk of being lost because of virus, software, electrical and mechanical damage or due to progressive or sudden failure of components of your computer.

For this reason you should seriously consider a data backup regime so that reasonably up to date copies of important data exist separately from your computer. We can supply or advise on the use of data backup equipment or routines.

Frequently we are called to computers which will not start or run properly due to damage and in most cases we can recover all important data.

Additionally we see computers whose hard drives are failing and in these cases we can often achieve a full or partial recovery, especially if the failing is in the electrical tolerances of the hard drive components. However, where partial mechanical failure of a hard drive has occurred, which may be difficult for a client or for ourselves to initially be aware of, continued use of it by a client repeatedly attempting to run the computer or by ourselves in repsonse to a data recovery request, may worsen the chances of seeing the data again. Necessarily, we undertake all data recovery attempts at client risk.

As an alternative or perhaps a follow on method in the case of failing drives and as a possible solution for totally failed drives, clients can consider the use of specialist data recovery laboratories offering facilities outside of our scope, such as microscopically clean room dismantling of hard drives. These offer the best chance of data recovery under such difficult circumstances and are priced in line with the provision of such specialist services.

Details of two such services, which have their own terms and conditions are below. Clients should satisfy themselves in respect of these terms, the chances of success and the costs and timescales involved.

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